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  1. GILLES from independentmen.it
  2. from here. not sure who it is. does anyone know? shes divine! http://pinterest.com/pin/236509417902664989/
  3. nevermind found him. Robert Westergaard.
  4. robert whom? must know his full name. http://www.notoys.de/590-Robert.0.html
  5. im thinking of subscribing to one of these magazines which one is better harpers bazaar or tatler? let me know before march because i want to get from march's edition onwards thanks! <3 x
  6. thank youuuu!!! i thought it was SENAIT GIDEY x
  7. who is she? shes the hair model for anita cox looks like agyness deyn. but im not sure
  8. does anyone have these pictures in HD? vlada outside Dior, Summer, 2012 Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson unknown photoshoot of the Olsen Twins
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