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  1. Thank you very much! and oh, sorry... I didn't notice the thread, I was on using my cell back then... thanks for the help!
  2. Ooo, nice! and yes he's cute. VERY cute indeed ^^ *drools over the pictures* I'm wondering if there's some model looks more younger than him... *ponders before hugs she pics again* can't blame me, can't resist him lol PS. I would love to have someone with more...erm... pretty boy look ^^
  3. So I'm in need of a model to be my character look-a-like (its for an RPG site) I need him to be: -a male -can pass as someone around 18-23yrs old -blonde (light brown would do) -has blue/green/gray eyes -has high-fashion look... -somewhat boyish -beautifully androgynous, if possible. thankies ^^ PS. No Boyd, Mathias, Roc if possible, thankies!
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