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  1. welllllll could anyone upload the mtv vid to youtube or tell here what is about?

    i cant see it ! :cry:

    and i cant believe miss mussolini. I mean.... come onnn!! i think Bianca is right. Here in argentina (and is not like our politicians are the best in the world) much ppl is talking about berlusconis partys, and how could that be... and shit...

    Anyway, hope the TIM group doesnt hear the Mussolini woman and keep it up with bianca! :)

  2. I tought exactly the same . . . Everybody is already talking about her in Italy and usually that's not a good thing for a model (excluding for kate, naomy etc. . .) because fashion world lose interest in you! Moreover she's already said in a recent interview, at Chiambretti night, that she'd like doing a full-time mum . . . But before that, earning as much as she can in order to create a save future to her lovely daughter . . . Wathever, as long as i can see her in tv, newspapers etc i'm still happy! :heart:

    Full time mom? i know i should be happy for her and everything... but i would miss her so much...

    lets hope about that nyfw..

    and what job in Rome are you talking about? ^^

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