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  1. I'm so curious, does anyone here understand what the article is about?
  2. brian thank you, but that last picture in black&white coat doesn't look like BB. Too good quality and her clothes are too modern. Or maybe I'm wrong? 2nd picture is one of my favorites, would love to see it in colour if anyone has it?
  3. Marnim, yes it sounds that BB is criticizing animal cruelty in general, and not any specific group of people. But journalists always want drama. Anyway, does anyone have this attached picture in bigger version, please?
  4. Marnim, that's very interesting what you wrote about Bardot. I read a BB interview about Ramadan, and basically she shared her concern for animal welfare regarding halal meat. I can see how that can easily be misunderstood as racist, but as an animal lover myself I could totally relate. She didn't exactly say anything bad about muslims in that interview, she only criticized that particular ritual. Maybe her words are often twisted by journalists, I don't know.... Thanks everyone for pictures and thanks LISA for putting so much effort into this thread.
  5. always happy to see more CC pics. thanks!!
  6. What you said was said before, I am sure everyone here has heard about it. But I am here because I admire Bardot mostly as a fashion and beauty icon. (I also like what she has done for animals through her foundation.) Is she a racist? Could be. A beautiful person can have an ugly soul, and an empty head. What i have read and heard about Bardot so far is that she is passionate person who isn't perfect, who found it tough to cope with fame at a young age, and had some unlucky relationships with men, and have even attempted suicide. This to me is a fragile and imperfect, but very real person. I don't know her enough to judge her on that. What I do like, as I already mentioned is her unique beauty and fashion sense. As a BB fan that is where my focus is. I am not blind to other sides of her, but not interested either. I appreciate all comments posted here, I personally don't mind discussion and would hate to see this thread turn into a dictatorship rule where moderators block people for petty reasons. But I also hope that you and many others who don't like BB realise that this is a thread for her fans who like to focus on good things about her, and not the bad. I don't understand your last sentence, so lets stick to neutral english, if everyone spoke their mother tongue here we would get no where!
  7. Thank you Nuruko! Does anyone know how to remover watermarks from pictures? I would love to be able to do that. Would like to see that middle picture without watermarks.
  8. Alright, here we go again. The "Russian actress"? Where did you get this? This Russian actress from the right will play Bridzhit Bardot in a film about it (эта русская актриса с права сыграет Бриджит Бардот в фильме о ней) What is her real name? she doesn't look like BB at all, in my opinion.
  9. Thanks everyone for pictures! I think all women mentioned so far are beautiful, but taste is personal. I think Claudia looks MUCH better now when she's a bit older than 10-15 years ago. I also see something in her face that resembles BB. I believe even BB said in an interview that Claudia reminds her of herself when she was young (I'm not sure if this is true)? I also see Vanessa Paradis, Georgia Jagger and Kate Moss all look abit like BB. (I think it's the round face, full lips and big eyes they have in common) but I still much prefer the original. I also like her fashion sense, and interest in animal rights. There is more to her than a pretty face which is what I really like. People are free to think what they want though. If someone thinks that Claudia is prettier than BB thats fine.
  10. thanks a bunch everyone! i love her smile!
  11. I saw Pillow Talk a few days ago, and then I see this thread for the fist time! She was so beautiful in that movie and sounds like a wonderful person too and kind to animals.
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