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  1. sorry Hera but I don't remember who he is! I have looked for it but I have not found his name! Never mind,thaks anyway
  2. Thanks strafiga, I already have those,that's how I recognize these with the guy at first place:) Thank u for posting! btw,who is the guy?)
  3. Those pics with that guy are sooo great! Are those Andrew Marc adverts?
  4. Jessica Stam is :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: In my opinion,Ana is the most beautifl woman in the world,and its impossible to compare her with others
  5. Thanks! The 2nd one is from isabeli's wedding?
  6. Thanksss guyyyyssss!!! Ana is the best!
  7. Sorry,but Selita is at least 10 times prettier than Izabel! Ofcourse, Ana is my favorite, and i think she should be an angel,not those 2. btw,thanks for the picssss i love ana!
  8. OMG, look at that face!! Just perfect! Thanks Lullaby
  9. wow those are perfect..thankss
  10. uu cool pics,thanks cutebeatriz
  11. No,I don't think it's a repost! Thanks Nine
  12. Thanksss!! I know the rest, I'm a member
  13. Hey guys, can someone pleeasee post a link for the official forum? I lost it on my bookmarks and I can't open her website and see. Thanksss
  14. one more from that fotolog that anglexxxx posted
  15. and this one, posted by jd
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