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  1. Olá mellojulia! Eu sou portuguesa, mas também sou muito into Thiago Lacerda. Ele estava lindo em Viver a Vida e li também que já nasceu o seu segundo filho... De todos os actores brasileiros ele e o Eduardo Moscovis são a minha "perdição" Quanto ao John Mayer, também gosto muito dele, mas principalmente das suas músicas. E hoje vou ter o privilégio de o ir ver ao vivo no Rock in Rio (e também à Ivete Sangalo). Today I'm going to attend his concert on Rock in Rio Lisboa. I'm super, hyper anxious and happy! I only hope I get a good spot to be able to get a good look at him .
  2. Gene Kelly and Judy Garland x 4 Clark Gable and Jean Harlow x 1
  3. Howard Keel x 2 Tyrone Power x 1 Gene Kelly x 2 Robert Wagner x 1
  4. William Powell and Myrna Loy x 4 Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon x 1
  5. I think I've never heard of Robert Taylor until I started to participate on the Who is the hottest old male movie star? (http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=22924&st=480) contest. My fault . Thanks for all the images.
  6. Charlton Heston x 3 Anthony Perkins x 2 Robert Taylor x 1
  7. James Dean x 2 Humphrey Bogart x 1 Montgomery Clift x 2 Bing Crosby x 1
  8. Gregory Peck and Jean Simmons x 2 Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren x 3 If only I had seen Ninotchka (1939) before, I would have nominated Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas. The movie was amazing and they were quite a great pair .
  9. I voted for Ana Paula Arósio, mainly because of Terra Nostra (in wich she was pairing with Thiago Lacerda ). I know them all, and yes I can assure you they are very popular in Portugal too.
  10. Rex Harrison x 2 Ray Milliand x 1 Dennis Hopper x 3
  11. Clark Gable and Viven Leigh x 1 (epic movie) Alain Delon and Claudia Cardinale x 4 (sexy beasts )
  12. Yeah, I think on that pic he looks more appealing . Of all the pictures I see when I look up for him on google images, he's always smiling and happy, except for the pic you've chosen (you were bad too him :evil: - just kidding ). 2.5 each (can't decide between "clark kent" and the "latin boy" ) Richard Burton x 2 Robert Mitchum x 1
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