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  1. .....when you see an attractive person with a "less" attractive partner. When the women is good looking one thinks "gold digger" When it's the man.........well, i don't think anyone really cares, but you get the point. The reason i ask, is that so many models celebrities and general public date people others would describe as "ugly". Yet society (and bellazonians) would have me think good looking belongs with good looking and ugly to ugly. Whats everyones take on it, does it bother you? Do you even care? Is is jealousy and envy? P.S. It's not about relationships,sex & or love between the two people. Just every bodies acceptance towards it. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but........
  2. Thanks for that. Yet know one has an opinion
  3. You could at least contribute
  4. Don't waste your money. Stream it online if you must watch it.
  5. And i'll take it you prefer some shit like Gigli of J.Lo or Crossroads of Britney Spears. Way to go, girly. What gave you that idea? Never heard of it
  6. Nobody knows huh......fashionspot here i come
  7. Why is he always looking down? I guess any other angle his does not bode too well. Therefore i think modeling might not be his forte.
  8. Any idea's? Pictures would help a lot.
  9. Thank you. Thats not the one. It had more of the mans face and i think he had a scarf and his facial structure gave the impression he was holding himself as if he was cold. Thanks for the greeting
  10. Looking for a particular one. If you have some lovely Armani ads, whether they be Emporio Armani or Giorgio Armani, please contribute! Post anything. Search does not work on Bellazon. So if there is a page already like this, then please post a link.
  11. i take it every body love that crap
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