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  1. Hey people Sam has done the new DIesel Commerical here is the youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gri_qRp9_Fs It tried embedding the photo on the board but it didnt work the link is below http://www.beautyconfessional.net/.a/6a00e...f39ef970b-800wi source: Beauty Confessional
  2. shooting for a gay mag doesnt make you gay unless ur shooting porn
  3. http://content.next.co.uk/images/next_co_u...view/404466.jpg http://content.next.co.uk/images/next_co_u...view/405063.jpg
  4. are these pics from the new marks & spencers look booj or are they old?
  5. Thanks a lot. A lot of people think evan wadle is british but hes actually american
  6. I am sorry. Could one of the moderators move this post. I am fairly new to the board. I didnt know this was wrong place to post
  7. Hey guys and gals Im trying to make a list of the top british Male Models so far I Have David Gandy Will Chalker Danny Beauchamps Luke Walker Are there any othe popular British Male models?
  8. More Pictures at the link below Andrew Howe is the current world silver medalist in the Long Jump and he is expected to dominate the event at the Olympics. He is on the Cover of Italian Vanity Fair. This isnt his first time on the cover Andrew Howe
  9. the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time
  10. I cant believe he doesnt have a thread already. I was gonna post a link to the Interview my site did with him and I searched for a post abot him on here but I could nt find one. ( really surprised that he doesnt have a thread already) An Interview we did with Vaughn recently its featured on the Beauty Confessional Blog
  11. http://www.modelmayhem.com/member.php?id=710718 http://ejs-shots.blogspot.com/ height : 5 foot 11 Agency: Premier City: LONDON
  12. http://www.beautyconfessional.net/blog/200...ssions-o-2.html http://hotsnapz.blogspot.com/2008/03/ed-red-hot.html
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