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  1. Hi ! I'm looking for the redhead in this video : that you can see along with Linda Vojtova and another brunette (0:20 and a close-up at 0:39) I looked everywhere, as usual, but 3 Suisses always keeps its models for itself... Thank you ♥ edit : pictures as well :
  2. placide

    unknown model

    hey guys ! i was wondering if you could help me identify this girl : not seen on a magazine btw. thanks !
  3. Cotélac 2010 click to enlarge
  4. sorry, forgot to upload the photo x)
  5. Hi, i'm looking for this girl's name please <3
  6. hi, do you know this guy's name ? thanx <3
  7. placide

    5 id's please

    3rd one looks like Andi Muise to me...
  8. placide

    random girl ?

    Hey guys Do you know this girl ? Thanks.
  9. Already looked for the girl but... i'm afraid she's not a model. does he only photograph models ? look at all these kids, they're natural, no fake "making faces" or poses. i saw a few celebrities in there but it doesn't seem to me they're all making a job out of it. what do you think ? (but the last one is definitely called Kyle. that's a start !)
  10. OH MY...! more pics of Ole ?
  11. Well i looked for Myf on Google and that's definitely not her. Thanx anyway x)
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