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    So we have Adriana and Ale in Fireworks, maybe Adriana will open, and Ale will close it.

    No way. The FB is in Fireworks so Lily will close or open.


    Only because she wears the FB doesn't mean she automaticly will open or close a segment. We had multiple FS's that were presented in the middle of sections

  2. From the article that showed Adrianas fitting:


    Apparently, no one else noticed the nerves: Seven years later, she was honored with the job of opening the show—a moment Lima credits with rocket launching her modeling career. “It was in Los Angeles with Justin [Timberlake] in 2006—that was the first year I opened,” she reminisces. “I think that changed a lot in my career, and also how i carried myself on the runway—it was different.

    Someone needs to do better research. Adrianas first year opening was 2003. She only opened a segment in 2006 with Justin. The next show she opened was 2007 and Justin Timberlake didn't perform there.

  3. Out of topic, but every year since 2011, I get very emotional whenever Adri walks. I mean, remember when she started thanking everyone in the Passion segment?

    I'm like the Adriana Lima version of the person who loves Sui He so much, sorry. LOL :hehe:  :hehe:

    Yes I remember. I thought she's gonna grab a microphone and starts giving a sprech, like she just won an Oscar. Really out of place and crinch worthy.

  4. If this really is the opening outfit, I actually don't want Adriana to open the show. For once she deserves a decent outfit. Her luck in the recent years with nice outfits was next to none. Her Parisian NIghts oufit was great, but other than that you have to go a few years back to find another good one, that is not hideous oder very ill fitting.

  5. Can we get back to the subject of Lily being on a talk show in LA on Monday, please!?


    It could just be normal promotion for the show, since Lily is one of their best spokesmodels, with English being her first language? Who knows, we will find out on monday for sure, I hope!

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