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  1. I miss you. Go to the Mathias thread, you are missing lot's of good pics ;)

  2. Bwahhaa, I need some serious bikini shopping!! Woot!!

  3. I KNOW!! I can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaait :D


  5. Oooft bitch, I can't wait till France!!!! OH BABY!!

  6. OI Ellie, you have no exams now, post more here at Bellazon!

  7. Lol, the pig is from Russia, with Love!! I just wanted anything for my avatar, well, does it look decent? I hope it does ;)

  8. Helloooo Helen! I love your avatar!

  9. Wooottt! Go ELLIEEE!! Lol, so glad you are here.... *salivates* There are simply too many hot and sizzling pics of a man we both like...BWAHAHHA!

  10. I meant that in a sarcastic way... in that LOADS of people like him
  11. Mathias Lauridsen (what a suprise) and Alexis Vinas
  12. Oh I know it's cheating But thanks, hehehe. I do draw my own stuff sometimes, but it's usually sort of fantasy-horror themed (think H.R. Giger), and so not best to put in such a nice place like this!
  13. Elisha is so hot!! She looks fantastic
  14. There are some amazing pictures here! I love to draw, I'm not so good at it though so I just copy things I like... this is part of an album cover
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