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  1. Hi controversiaster ! :wave:

    I missed you too. :heart: Hope you are alright.

    See the pic above- Mathias is waiting for you :yes:

    Ahahaah, it would be great Mathias can be one of my Uni lecturers....Mmmmmmmm.....*salivates*

    I missed you sooooooo much and I am so glad that you are working hard in keeping this thread alive and well :) And that pic is, well, speaks for itself= HOT.

    @ kateernshaw: Mathias and her? Hmmm, I don't know why, but they seem like an unlikely couple :/ I can somehow see Mathias with another model, just not her. And tbh, I doubt that he would date someone who works in the same industry as him. He is such a private man and since he is pretty much based in Denmark all the time (he said so in an interview), I really do think that it would be more logical if he has a danish g/f. But if they are going out, then congrats!!

  2. Watch Coco being fierce in motion :)

    wow, that girl is just FULL of energy! im tired just watching her!! :p

    i always wondered how she works those awesome poses, no i see how.. thanks! :flower:

    Me too! I always wondered how Coco did those amazing poses! Looking at her posing was pretty damn cool, she is FIERCEEEE! She doesn't hold back, doesn't care what people think, she just goes for it and I think that is what makes her good at posing :)

  3. I do love jewellery! I mainly wear silver, but I have a couple of gold pieces too :) I have a few things from Links of London and I would love to buy more charms for my charm bracelet... Shame I am so low on money right now!

  4. I am so glad that Coco is blogging again! I love the way she writes and she is ever so humble :) I love love love this girl, her work is truly amazing and I love that Valentine's pic of her! She is ever so FIERCE!!

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