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  1. I was kinda glad that England lost, I secretly wanted Germany to beat them with 5 goals, but 4 is good enough.

    I don;t know you, but I love you already :hug:

    LOL, just thought that Germany might aswell go all the way and beat them in the most spectacular manner ever. 6 goals and I could die happy. England players were too scared, but too cocky when they are playing for their own football clubs :/

  2. Helen :woot: Miss ya :hug:

    I'll root for England and France :fun: :D

    Heya Lyon! Glad to know that I have been missed! I miss you too :D I was kinda glad that England lost, I secretly wanted Germany to beat them with 5 goals, but 4 is good enough. It's a slap to the players' face- they need to up their game.

  3. Omg, I know how you feel! Trust me, at 13, some girls haven't even had their periods yet! So don't feel "unsual" or "out of place", it's just natural to have hair down there!!

    As for what to do down there, I wouldn't recommend shaving it off with a razor just yet! Try other, easier options first to see how you feel. If you can, get a small pair of scissors and give it a light trim if you have a lot of hair down there. Then if you feel more comfortable, try using clippers (like the ones men use for having a stubble). I've used clippers in the past and they are great! They can get the hair down to a short length without any pain at all, just make sure that you do it in a downward motion (like, literally trimming down towards your vagina) to avoid getting it extra short. I once shaved and it made me itch like mad, I guess skin down there is just tooo sensitive! But everyone is different, I have friends who shave daily and it doesn't cause them any problems at all. If you are thinking of shaving, try shaving a small area first to see what it's like.

    And finally, you can go for a wax. I recently had a couple of waxes down there and it nearly killed me in some areas :/ But anyway, before you do that, try the options I have mentioned above earlier :)

    Good luck :D

  4. OH Hello guys!

    Omg, I am soo glad that this thread is alive in my absence! Thanks everyone, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed! I am soo glad that he is still modelling and he is as good as ever :D

    Love you loads, MunichMarty!

  5. Just a Taste

    As excitement builds for the upcoming NY/London/Milan/Paris shows, here’s a taste of the beauty and madness to come. Our friends at Scoop Models in Copenhagen, mother agency to MDC favorite Mathias Lauridsen sent us some alluring images of the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week. Enjoy!





    I really like the second picture! ;)

  6. Heya everyone!

    I just want to say a huge welcome to all the new members who are interested in Mathias and his work! This thread wouldn't be the same without you!!

    OH gosh, I really need to be a little more active here!

    Hiya everyone!


  7. Hmmm, Munichmarty, your thoughts on this might be correct. I think the same can be said about the female models, there is a new wave of younger girls, probably all cheaper, lets say, then Coco Rocha, Stam, Rhoda, the heavy weights. But hey ho, at least Mathias was in Gucci!

  8. @ atombomber: I most certainly agree with you and your views on the rankings on models.com. When I looked at the rankings for women, I often feel that these teenagers are being put on a pedestal, almost like what you said " a high school popularity contest". I don't think that any thought was put in regarding the number one spot, whatever Betty or Janelle said, I believe that people are disagreeing immensely.

    @Munichmarty: Awwwwwwww, so sweet of you to put those lovely pics of Mathias up :)

  9. Ah yes, I just read all the comments, and believe me, people around the world aren't too pleased to know that Mathias got knocked off the no.1 spot and is replaced by someone nobody knows. Other models deserve to be number 1! And yes, Mathias is the ONLY model who was number 1 for two years, I doubt Baptiste would be able to be anything close to that.

  10. ^ nooooo really? 2 of my favorite posters :cry2:

    but i don't know how long i'll be here on BZ since i have tons of work to do these 2 years. also I have many fan sites to maintain as well.... but I'm just trying to keep it alive here since this is one of the best forums i know of :yes:

    Oh wow, what an honour to be one of your favourite posters!

    Yikes, I noticed that this thread is sort of quiet :( Shame I don't have that much time to come here anymore (or maybe the fact that I am off Mathias is probably the reason?????).

    Anyway, so how is everyone doing?

    I am doing good, still in Uni and the whole shebang :)


    WHERE THE EFF IS MATHIAS ON THE TOP 50? *dies slowly inside*

    As for the numbering problem, it's exactly the same with the women's top 50 too :/

    @Munichmarty: DARLING I MISSED YOU! Waaaaaaaa, I hope this thread missed me ;)

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