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  1. Yeah! Marco ‘Captain’ Huck defended his WBO belt in Cruiserweight successful against Ola Afolabi! The interim champion Afolabi is such an arrogant boxer and I’m really happy that Marco Huck had the right answer in the ring! It was the first title defense of the former world champion in kickboxing - and Marco Huck did a great job!

  2. I could not see the fight Kessler-Ward live here. But I read many things about it on different sites on internet. I was very surprised about the result. I think Kessler had a bad day, it was not his fight. And then the head butts of Ward… King Arthur Abraham is in front of the tournament – that really fine for me. I hope I can watch live Arthur’s fight next year in USA. Sauerland Event has a contract with a TV channel which I can watch and I don’t know why they don’t broadcast the Kessler-Ward fight???

    But I watched Zsolt ‘Madar’ Erdei against Giacobbe Fragomeni. Wow, what a fight! Twelve rounds high speed boxing with the better end for “my” guy Zsolt! Zsolt Erdei is the new WBC Cruiserweight world champion, yeah! But of course, he will go back to Light Heavyweight. He has actually not the weight and physique for Cruiserweight, but the other champions would not fight with him and Universum Box Promotion would not make the fight Zsolt Erdei – Jürgen Brähmer (WBO interim champion and now real champion, he got the title of Erdei), b/c they boxing both for Universum Box Promotion…

    Zsolt go not back to WBO of course, he will now boxing for IBF and WBA in Light Heavyweight. I think he will get fast a title fight with IBF or WBA champion, because he is unbeaten and get a high position in the rankings. The champions can then not say no again, if he is soon number one in rankings… like for some months.

  3. Hi Loor!

    You are right! Fernando Alonso signed a contract with Ferrari for the next three years. Nick Heidfeld hasn’t a car for next year. It could be that he goes to McLaren-Mercedes. It depends, whether Nico Rosberg goes to Brawn-GP or to McLaren-Mercedes. I hoe Nico take the car of Brawn and Nick Heidfeld get the car of McLaren-Mercedes. Norbert Haug said Nick Heidfeld is an option for the car of Heikki. And Nick Heidfeld won the F3000 championship for Mercedes for some years.

    Oh, and I’m sorry that you have to work on Sunday!

  4. I’m also a fan of Formula One. It was a really great race in Brazil! I found the situation between Jarno Trulli and Adrian Sutil funny!

    I think the next (last) race will be very interesting, because it is on a new track. Jenson Button had good luck with the car. Ross Brawn is a genius! But I think the next year is the year for Sebastian Vettel to win the drivers championship! He is very young and showed a great performance in this year.

    And yes, the break is very long to the next season! I can’t wait for the F1 season in 2010, because of the new teams, drivers and rules…

  5. Hey k dub!

    After the fight with Mikkel Kessler, Andre Ward was undefeated! I think Mikkel Kessler will win by KO! Arthur Abraham and Mikkel Kessler are the best fighters in this tournament and they fight both for Sauerland Event GmbH/Germany. Mikkel Kessler was live at the fight and he said he was very impressed of Arthur in an interview. Arthur Abraham makes probably his next fight in USA against Andre Dirrell! I think the most people don’t know followed fact: Arthur Abraham has the hardest hit of all boxers in relation of the weight.

    And Kelly Pavlik should be quite about the tournament. He said only bad things about it. But he would not fight with Arthur Abraham (one reason for his change to the higher class, because he will win more titles) and Felix Sturm. I ask me why!? Sauerland Event GmbH (the camp of Arthur Abraham) did all to get a fight with Kelly Pavlik. And Universum Box Promotion tried it also to get the fight Felix Sturm – Kelly Pavlik. But nothing happened…

    Gennady Golovkin is the number one in the WBC and WBO ranking where the champion is Kelly Pavlik. I hope Kelly Pavlik will lose the fight in December, if not Golovkin is waiting for him… Gennady Golovkin was world champion as amateur and won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Greece… if you don't know him.

  6. KING ARTHUR ABRAHAM won the fight against Jermain Taylor by knock out!

    What a great fight and what a start of the super six world classic tournament. Arthur is so great and got the first three points. (The winner get 2 points, if you win with KO you get three points)

  7. Really great fight in Cruiserweight on November 21!

    Giacobbe Fragomeni (WBC champion) against Zsolt Erdei !!!

    The undefended WBO Light Heavyweight champion Zsolt Erdei (30-0-0(17)) changes to the Cruiserweight! He would like make a fight with the other champions Tavoris Cloud and Gabriel Campillo, but both said know. Zsold Erdei defended his title twelve times successful! Finally, he can win his second title! I hope Zsolt win the fight!

  8. To k dub

    - And all other fans of boxing -

    There is also a further big fight this year:

    Marco 'Captain' Huck - Ola Afolabi on December 5

    Marco Huck is the WBO champion in Cruiserweight and Ola Afolabi the WBO interim champion in Cruiserweight. Marco Huck is a very strong and hard boxer. Okay, he lost the fight with Cunningham, but this world championship fight was too early for him, I think. He did not what his coach said and he lost his boxing line and then the fight… Marco Huck is current only 24 years old and he used his second chance this year. He was before great in kickboxing and won the world championship by the age of 18. After his world champion title in kickboxing he changed to boxing. Marco won all fights as amateur and he became professional boxer in 2004.

    Oh, Kelly ‘I do not boxing another world champion, because they could be too strong and I have fear’ Pavlik makes a fights this year either. I hope he will lose this fight! I don’t like Kelly Pavlik!

  9. Vitali Klitschko - Chris Arreola

    Yeah, Vitiali Klitscho won the fight by TKO! Chris Arreola was a good victim for Vitali. Vitali Klitscho won all rounds until to the TKO. The corner of Chris Arreola gave up after the 10th round, because Vitali was too strong. Arreola had taken 301 hard hands of Vitali and Vitali got only 86 punches of Arreola. Chris Arreola can take a lot – respect! … but Vitali Klitschko is the true and great champion!


    On 12th September is the fight between Mikkel Kessler (WBA world champion/ Super Middleweight) and G. Perdoma. I’m sure that Mikkel Kessler will win this fight with knock out. Then can start the big competition between three American fighters and three European fighters. The fighters are Mikkel Kessler, Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham for Europe and Andre Dirrell, Andre Ward and Jermain Taylor for America. The winner gets the WBC and WBA title. The first great fight in this fantastic competition is between Arthur Abraham and Jermain Taylor on 17th October in Berlin. Abraham wins this fight, because he and Mikkel Kessler (both boxing for Sauerland Event GmbH/Berlin) are the best of the six boxers for me.

    Hey k dub!

    On 26th September is the Klitschko - Arreola fight in LA! I hope Chris Arreola has a good health insurance? I think he has no chance - you will see! Vitali Klitschko is much better and he has with Fritz Sdunek one of the best coaches in the world.

  11. @unknown and Squeege Beckenheim

    Toni Garrn is a wonderful model! She is a really nice and friendly person - for sure! Toni has a strong personality and a good character! And you should not forget that she is very young and also ‘only’ a human. Toni goes to school and she makes all these fantastic jobs next to it. She gets my respect!


    Ruslan Chagaev (WBA World Champion/Heavyweight) has a fight with Wladimir Klitschko (IBF, WBO, IBO Champion). That is so great! Ruslan Chagaev’s fight with Nikolai Valuev was cancelled, because of the infection of Ruslan. Nikolai Valuev was scared (I think to lose a second time against Chagaev and not for the infection, because Ruslan had this infection also at the first fight) and the fight was cancelled. For Wladimir Klitschko is this all not a problem. You can read on his new shirts “fit and vaccinated”! Actually, Wladimir would make the fight with David Haye on 20th June, but Haye got an injury. Wladimir Klitschko searched another great opponent. Valuev said no (fear!?), but the undefeated Chagaev has no fear. Now is a great fight in the “Veltins Arena”. It is the soccer stadium of the German club FC Schalke 04 and there will be over 60000!!! spectators to see this big fight live. (In this stadium are next year also games during the hockey world championship and they would get a new record for the most spectators at a hockey world championship game)

  13. I found followed wonderful HQ pictures of Doutzen in Melbourne. These pictures are new here on BZ. (I watched all replies of March) Here are also no HQ pictures of Doutzen in the green dress, but you can find so many…. Why?

    Okay the first two pictures are rare. I found these only on one site. But I see the others on so many sites about Doutzen…

    I love this model! She is unbelievable nice and pretty!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:



    (I have the pictures also in higher resolution and I can not upload, but all are under the 2 MB max. upload size. Does anybody have an idea why?)

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