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  1. I think it's great...they obviously seem to love kids and have a special desire to help kids who need it the most. I know a family who has adopted 14 children, in addition to having five of their own. They always said after getting one that they would be done, but they couldn't, whenever they knew of a child who needed a home they did everything they could to get that child. And because they are in the system it is much easier for them to adopt more children because they are qualified;same could be of angelina and brad. more kids like that should be adopted into good homes and I think is Brad and Angelina have the means and the love to do it then they should be able to spend that money how they see fit so that they can give a child the love it needs.
  2. she looks like adriana to me here. I know these are older pictures but is anbody able to identify her head scarf?? thank you: )
  3. http://tv.msn.com/mom-pop-culture/?GT1=28103
  4. she looks beautiful and that premeire dress is kick ass
  5. Ah thank you so much Could you tell me where you found these?
  6. fashionXniohsaf


    can anybody identify her??
  7. Well, just pics of her in braveheart, if anyone has got them?
  8. Are there any decent qaulity braveheart pics of her-does anyone have any? thanks
  9. I know this is teeny, it's someone's avatar from TFS, from the doutzen thread. I'm not even sure if she is a model or not, but I just thought I'd throw it out there on the off chance that someone might know. Thanks
  10. according to just jared, she was going to wear pumps but twisted her ankle and so had to wear the chucks. but it kind of worked out, cause she probably would have fallen and broken her face if she'd been wearing heels when she dropped the popcorn.
  11. I think she looked gorgeous, and even though her outfit's all punked out, i think it's rad. she's so true to herself. Plus it's awesome that she's kinda awkward when she has to speak, its like she gets stage fright. she's real.
  12. She's gorgeous, but I swear to you she is going anorexic. Too skinny : [
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