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  1. Guys I made a new video . It features some rare, older shows she has walked in
  2. Yeah i know but it's the second time she's working with him and he's not an A list photographer.. i'm not saying she can't work with him.. i'm just saying that i wouldn't be suprised if he's working as a creative director on shootings like Fabien Baron.. and so he's not the photographer because it seems strange he works two times in few months with someone like Natasha considering he never did anything "BIG" or never worked with big models. well, shooting for the magazines above is not bad at all. Plus he shot Miranda Kerr, Anna Selezneva, Behati and Abbe Lee just to name a few
  3. Hey, I wanted to write you a message but it seems like your inbox is full :)

  4. You might be right. I would purposely take the wrong directions and drive around the city all dat long I like the second to last picture. He looks happier to have a hat than Alice around, it seems You mean Khan as Khan? I suppose, she enjoyed it I am dying to see pictures from the Oscars afterparties with these 2
  5. damn Imagine, if navigation systems spoke in his voice! If it were like this, I would stop being a lazy a$$ and would finally obtain my driving licence I remember reading about it as well, but I just don't see any Paul's showings in Sherlock at all. I mean, the latter might be cold and distanced, but I don't get these creepy vibes I get from Marshall GQ Style
  6. Yes, I mean loincloth, but it reminds me of diapers, so I I like calling it this way. He had a loincloth with more coverage in the cinema version btw. Oh no, it would be unacceptable. I agree with you on this. I didn't pay much attention to this guy for some reason, I just remember having an impression that the main heroes are kinda weak, not hard to be beaten, only Zoe's heroine showed some strength, Captain Kirk comes across as sweeter than sugar (outwardly), a wishywashy person, Spock is kinda frozen and weird. I was expecting smth. different. It was like plain, boring goodies (which had most of the screen time) vs. a charismatic and cool baddie It is, but the film overall is pretty good, too sad though. I know, his character is diguisting, but the girl herself was not an angel, I just wanted to slap her when she acted like a little..., you know :x. Not that it makes it all less wrong and stuff, but at least they got married in the end. Somehow it does not surprise me as much anymore. I mean, it's Moffat and Gatiss we are talking about . If I am not wrong, Mark and Benedict had jobs in the same series before Sherlock. Why wouldn't it be the reason to cast Ben? Idk
  7. I think he is better as a creature, and the diapers are so funny it was! I mean, when they showed Khan I was like "ah he is so cool! oh, breathe on me someone, please" and in other episodes I was like "gooooosh, when will it end?" I knew this is not the kind of film I should watch but couldn't help myself checking it out. I am on my way to watch Inseperable and Atonement this evening :dance:
  8. Well, I am on the fence about these. I love the styling and the set. Ben’s facial expression is relaxed, the angles are most flattering. And I applaud to whoever did the lighting, it’s truly amazing. That being said, I HATE that crazy airbrushing :anger: . I totally understand that this is a fashion/style outlet and they would photoshop everything they place on its pages. But for God’s sake! He is 37, why did they make him look like he is still in his early twenties (or even younger on the cover)?! Was getting rid of his minor lines and freckles absolutely necessary, as if they were a crime against humanity? And where the hell is my favorite mole that used to be on the right side of his neck??? To sum up, I think this photoset could be really great but, unfortunately, this breathtakingly beautiful young man is not exactly Benedict. What a shame. giiiiirl calm down . It's just a magazine. I agree that the photoshop overuse is rediculous but I kind of got used to it. At least they kept some wrinkles on his forehead. Better tell me about your Frenkenstein experience? I have finally watched Star Track btw. I feel like I'm a hero now
  9. I see the 37 y.o. child got overly excited about Oscar? Can I have what he was smoking, please? Lol
  10. It represents the unfortunate course of nature for me as of late I hope you'll enjoy it! I thought Frankenstein would be a more expressive and interesting character to play, which is why I chose this version. I would like to compare, but I think, it won't be interesting for me to rewatch the whole thing again. I was trying not to be too quick, but how can I resist a portion of good laugher and a brilliant mood for the rest of the day, so I was listening to a couple of episodes from my way to work and a couple or so on the way back home, which makes the whole thing not that long to listent to. I feel for you , however I don't want it not to be aggrevated. I finally got to watch Van Gogh 2 days ago, and it was definitely worth watching. I mean, the whole story is interesting and insightful. I've learnt quite a few curious details about Van Gogh. As per usual, I start watching because I wanna see Ben's brilliant acting but in the end get carried away with the film and the story itself.
  11. my answer is Anyway I've given up trying to pretend I am normal, because I have never been it You are very welcome! Which version are you watching? I've chosen the one where Benedict is the Creature. There is also a performance dedicated to the Fifth anniversary of the National Theatre in cinemas but I haven't watched it yet. I am devastated . I've finished the last episode of CB! The actual last one that was recorded last Sunday will probably be aired near Christmas... I will retire before I get to see new Sherlock and listen to the last episode of Cabine Pressure.
  12. It's ok. I haven't watched the film yet (I really want to now though, cause I am desperate to see the badness in a full glory) but I've seen most of the clips feat. Ben as Khan, and believe, I was so rooting for him when he was trying to break someone's skull or smash someone and so wanted him to get rid of these annoying and boring heroes like Kirk and his crew. I know, it sounds weird, but I loved him being bad, probably because it was a nice contrast to his other characters from August, Third Star, Hawking and himself personally I have watched it along with possibly around 95% interviews of his, and it's a real pleasure to hear him speak. I just enjoy how eloquent, humorous, intelligent, sweet and humble he always comes across as and oh so talkative . Is it ok to fangirl this bad when you are, well, far from your 16 ? I don't know... Oh and I started to listen to Cabin Pressure today, it's adorable and funny! God almighty, help me!
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