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  1. Christian Dior HC F/W 1997. She is so hot.
  2. Donna Karan Fall Winter 2002.
  3. Carmen for Valentino Spring Summer 2001. ❤️❤️
  4. @ArianaVSCouture Love u ! ! ! Thank you Ariana for all the sharings. KK is really so elegant😘😘❤️
  5. amfar 2014 gala Show. ❤️Red KK .
  6. KK for Donna Karan Fall Winter 2002.
  7. KK for Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture S/S 2003. Some Adds to the pics from dear @ArianaVSCouture But not the best quality😢KK is so Gorgeous❤️
  8. @ArianaVSCoutureAwww Thank you so much😘😘Raquel is beautiful❤️❤️
  9. Ariana Thank you!!😍🥰You are amazing ! ! ! KK is so charming.😘😘❤️
  10. KK is so gorgeous. The Valentino shows are so elegant😘😘😍 And I love every show of KK. KK in The Matthew Williamson show is so cute. Thank you Ariana😘😘Love you too!!! @ArianaVSCouture
  11. Thank you Ariana.😘❤️ @ArianaVSCouture You are always amazing and nice!❤️ KK is perfect in every runway every show. She is shining. Her body , her face , her Catwalk😍 Thanks all for the vintage pictures.
  12. @ArianaVSCoutureThese pics are really really rare😍😍Thank you for thousand times😘
  13. @ArianaVSCouture you are amazing😍😍Love KK , love everything of her~
  14. @ArianaVSCoutureThank you for all of these❤️💋Michelle is so hot.
  15. @ArianaVSCoutureLove you so much, KK is perfect😍 She is perfect for every show. And dear @ArianaVSCouture is perfect💋❤️
  16. @ArianaVSCoutureAwww Eugenia is just like a Queen😍😘😘Thank you so much, it's my first time to see so many Eugenia pictures from this show😘😘🌷
  17. @ArianaVSCoutureAwwwww thank you so —— much for the new set of photos😍😘😘😘😉You are so nice and kind😘😚The Valentino F/W 2001 show is really rare to see😘I Love all of them💋
  18. @ArianaVSCoutureLove you!!!!! You are so nice and kind😘 The YSL S/S 2003 show was so hot😍KK is also very versatile❤️ I love her amazing Catwalk❤️
  19. @ArianaVSCoutureWow I haven't seen the Versace menswear show pictures in high quality before😘❤️❤️ She's so hot. Carmen is just perfect in runway. You are so selfless and kind to share these to us🌷😘I know how much time would take to collect so many different runway pics❤️I really really cherish them sooooo——— much!
  20. Awwww @ArianaVSCoutureThank you for all These!!! Love Carmen's Catwalk. She's so gorgeous😍😍
  21. KK's legs😘😘😍 You are so good to us❤️❤️😘 KK is just like Barbie. @ArianaVSCouture
  22. @ArianaVSCoutureAwww you are so nice!!!!😘❤️I also love Erin more after watching "The Face" series. Her voice is so charming❤️And Thanks for these runway photos~.
  23. @ArianaVSCoutureErin is so elegant. Thank you for thousand times for these runway pictures😘😘😘
  24. @ArianaVSCoutureThank you so much !!! These pics are so rare and in high quality❤️❤️❤️Love you😘😘 KK's catwalk will always kill me😘
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