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  1. I read on the internet that America's oldest design publication, ID Magazine, announced December 15 that the January/February issue would be its last after 55 years in print. So here's hoping that it is the January/February issue that Mathias is scheduled for...

    That's a different publication - the one halting business is Interior Design (I.D.) and not i-D, the fashion magazine :)

  2. Interview about fashion and style in Danish Elle - thanks to Caroline for translating/transcripting :)

    What is a great sense of style for a woman?

    That she is confident. She needs to have peace. I think, it’s incredible attractive when you can feel that a girl rest in herself – it means more that what clothes they wear. It’s obvious, that girls can appear hot solely on how they dress, but if they can’t “back in up” with their way to be, it’ll quickly fall to the ground.

    What is a bad sense of style?

    I think, it’s bad style, when people make themselves look like fireworks to get attention. I’ve always found that annoying/a burden. For example when people, who are connected to the hiphop-environment, think they should dress in hiphop-brands from head to toe, to make it clear what they stand for. I think it gets Shrovetide-ish, when people can’t live up to it. Of course it’s possible that there’s some very nice people behind the clothes, but the intake is at least different from what I look for.

    What do you look for in a woman?

    Normally when you walk around on the street it’s the physical stuff you look for, because there’s not really anything else, but as soon as you talk to a girl surely all the other factors will be in play. A sweet laugh, beautiful eyes, soft skin, nice hands .. It’s all about how close you get, and then you evaluate layer of layer, men the first hand impression is of course physical attraction.

    How much does a girl’s sense of style mean?

    I look at it, because I take and hope that it reflects who they are. If I see a woman, who has a sense of style, that is the total opposite of my own, I cherish no big expectations that we would necessarily fit very well together. But surely you need to keep your outlook very wide, cause if you only looked to find a girl with the exact same sense of style as yourself, you would make your field to narrow.

    Which Danish female has a great sense of style?

    I can’t think of celebrity. I think you see a lot of normal people on the street, who have a far better sense of style than the celebrities.

    Which international female has a great sense of style?

    I think Sienna Miller has a great sense of style. She dresses well, and then I just think she’s freaking hot.

    Which style do you hope never comes back?

    You can’t say that, cause you know, they’ll come back, no matter how terrible they are. Just look at the 1980s-wave. If that can come back, then there are no tendencies you can totally forget. I think 1980s fashion is pretty exhausting. Many colors, speed, gold digital watches, lightchains, high hair and glasses without even using glasses. I think it is fashion for the sake of fashion. It’s perfectly fine to dress as you like, but you need to keep yourself with you, because otherwise it’ll become a carnival. It’s fine if it’s a theme at a party, but it’s clearly not.

    What should a woman stay away from wearing?

    High heels, if she doesn’t know how to. It ruins the elegance it was supposed to be. Most girls are incredibly good at walking in high heels, but you’ve also seen the girls, who have put on a pair of too high heels, and the result is just not very good. But besides that I’m a big fan of high heels.

    Is there a tendency you will never learn to understand?

    There are many tendencies I’ll never learn to understand, but you don’t have to. Because of my job I’m actually quite large when it comes to fashion, cause I need to wear all sorts of clothes, that I don’t understand. I don’t need to have a relationship with it. So I can’t get up in the red field about how other people dress.

  3. Yes, I know you are Mathias closest friend and you do know everything about him, what he is thinking and what he is feeling.

    But don´t think he is silly, he knows that everything which is in the web can be found. He is proud of his football team and don´t care that everybody knows this - as I am his other closest friend I know that .

    Besides the link was posted on another forum so it´s already in the web.

    "being exposed in such a manner" the pics are from a page from the web and no private pics I stole from him.

    Normally I am too polite to say something like this but from the first moment you very offensive against me and I don´t know why. I am here just for fun,and I like to share Mathias with others ( and never hold back pics or videos) and you can belive that I never will post Mathias address here.

    I won´t discuss this any further , this forum is for fun and not for your " hurt feelings" - please send no private messages to me about it I won´t read them.

    Martina - no offense meant! I'm merely stating what I am aware of :) I really have nothing against you personally, but if it came off that way it was unintentional ^_^

    No hurt feelings here :laugh: Just some concerns about exactly where the line(s) should be drawn. The fact of the matter is that this is also one of his concerns, so I am only here to help provide some reason :) The link was already removed from the other forum at request.

  4. Oh, surely, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he prefers that side of himself from being exposed in such a manner. This is part of his private life, one that he shares with family and close friends...not necessarily meant for the spotlight like his modeling work. After all, partaking in a profession that requires so much display and creates so much attention can cause one to have a stronger desire for some level of privacy, however miniscule. This is part of the reason why it was not linked from my site (Which is solely dedicated to his career) or even Scoop Models, the team's sponsor. There's a separation ideal going on here :laugh:

    But of course that is all I can say about this matter -- Google is just a very powerful tool these days, so anything on the web can be found (Unfortunately?), no matter who it was meant for :) Don't get me wrong, it's really nice that you feel more positive about Mathias because of this...but perhaps public admiration towards just one side of his lifestyle is more than enough for him. As you already know, he is humble :)

    And Marty - you know I say all this from personal knowledge :laugh:

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