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  1. I think she is Carolyn Murphy,but the picture is new for me
  2. Hi! I am looking for this ad in HQ. It is from Estee Lauder year 1981 or 1982.Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much Steve! Yes you are right.She is Karen Graham,and she appears in many pictures by Skrebneski. Estee Lauder campaigns black and white and in full colour. Its a classic beauty and also there is a book by Skrebnesky about her including more models of that moment The picture above in colour, I think is from 1981 or 1982 .Its a pity is so little.... Thank you for your replay Steve!
  4. I am looking for HQ scans of this supermodel,very difficult to find images in HQ,specialy the ones for Estee Lauder campaign.There is one I would like above all and is the one in a futuristic colour picture announcing Swiss Agecontrolling System.Thankyou!!
  5. Thank you so much Miss....excellent pictures of Michaela!
  6. Yes Angelblue and we did replay Thank you so
  7. Thank you all for the great Pictures Here are some more
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