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  1. The date for Blanco Y Negro is 7 August 1994.
  2. It's actually the first page of the 'Belle' section in the magazine, not a real cover. The 1996 date is correct. I have that issue in my collection.
  3. That Wayne Maser pic is from 'No Cleavage Required' - Mademoiselle April 1990
  4. ^ I believe it's an outtake from the photo shoot for 'Southern Belles' that featured in UK Vogue June 1990.
  5. That photo was taken in October 1993. It's backstage at John Galliano's Spring/Summer 1994 collection.
  6. ^ That last one is from Nova UK July 2000 - 'House Of Style'
  7. Marie Claire Australia March 2014 facebook.com/marieclaireau
  8. ^ It's from a special pull out Supermodel magazine from Australian Cosmopolitan July 1993. I still remember because I bought the mag especially for it.
  9. # 13 Anna Klevhag # 17 Veronica Blume # 20 Keri Claussen
  10. Pic #1 Top row (L-R) - Shalom Harlow; Nadege;Stephanie Seymour; Jade Parfitt; Tatiana Sorokko Bottom row (L-R) - Pheobe O'Brien; Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin; Shalom Harlow; Navia Nguyen; ??? (sorry don't know that one) Pic #3 Top (L-R) - Cecilia Chancellor; Patricia Hartmann Bottom (L-R) - Claudia Mason; ??? (sorry not sure on that either)
  11. 5. Farrah Summerford 6. 100% Tricia Helfer
  12. Thanks for the info. I thought it may of been Vittadini as I've seen another pic of her from that show. I only know of four appearances Shana made that season, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood & Adrienne Vittadini.
  13. Thanks so much, Sexy. Her runway images are so rare. I believe Spring/Summer 1993 is her only runway season. Do you know from which show the 1st pic is from? The other two look to be Vivienne Westwood if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Sorry Sheila, but Claudia is only on the cover. The cover is more for the photographer Roxanne Lowit, there's an 8 page article on her.
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