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  1. So I believe the girl pictured is half Japanese, or maybe full...not sure. Either way, here are some pictures. I'm sorry I don't have more information. I'm totally blanking on her name and can't find her. If I remember correctly, she has some kind of dragon or snake tattoo on her back.
  2. I swear she looks familiar...but I can't put a name to her. Any thoughts?
  3. who are these folks? the girl: this guy: and this guy: thank youuuu.
  4. you have no idea how helpful you guys are. <3 i found a livejournal site that offers editorials and HQ pictures from many magazines and such. i was looking through photoshoots from the italian magazines. i have to put together a power point presentation. do you know of any other sites that might be helpful? http://community.livejournal.com/fakingfashion
  5. you guys are so helpful! it's much appreciated. Eva Riccobono is absolutely gorgeousssss.
  6. I'm writing/presenting a paper for my Italian Civilization class on the model industry in Italy (Milan, especially) and I'm looking for a list of male and female models that would be worth talking about, Italian designers, and anything that could be useful. Thanks for the help. -Kelly.
  7. i have no idea if she's discovered or if she was just some random girl but i'm dying to know who she is.
  8. HI! I'm just wondering who's the girl that you have for avatar and signature? She's gorgeous! Thanks

  9. who is this girl in this photoshoot with fionn macdiarmid?
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