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  1. Mmft..So evident it wasn't premeditated now. :cain: I'm thwarted in her in some ways, but then again if you actually put this into consideration..its her life, and if she wants a baby now, then so be it. But for all I know it is/was a definite fact that it wasn't planned bearing in mind on the VS fashion show last year, she said she wanted kids.. but did she say

    “ in two months I’m planning to get pregnant”? Ah..no! :idk: Its true what they declared about how she likes to ‘treat’ herself often..This in a way is a superior thing for her, it’ll allow her not to drink as much and/or smoke. Whatever, she’ll learn from her mistakes..hopefully and shine her beauty once more before model retirement age. Nice going.

  2. ^ Eh.. Jennifer uses real animal fur..therefore she can go to heccckk :laugh:

    Naw but foreal, I don't like her..who would compare both of them? :blink: ha..wow

    Queen Vs. disaster? :p I'm mean, yes I know :hehe:

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