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  1. Yes often Have you ever met the devil ?
  2. No as long as it's a bed ! Do you have breakfast every morning ?
  3. 3 (can't stand freckles)
  4. Aishwarya Rai Aishwarya Rai or Marion Cotillard ?
  5. I wish you contributed more to the "Scandinavian" threads. Pussar xoxox

  6. The song is back. I love your anthem !

  7. From the site WARNING NUDITY http://postimage.org/gallery/2fpx2dc94/
  8. I don't know where these two pictures are from, I found them on the net. Maybe a calendar
  9. Wow beautiful thank you Kelly !
  10. Thank you Dayrell for all the covers, I've just discovered her lately as a model not as an actress (I don't watch Star Trek) she is pretty
  11. Who got rid of Kukims great pics? I closed my account on Imagevenue and deleted all the pictures Biotherm 1983
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