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  1. She looks very pretty with her dress(Burberry) !!
  2. beautiful pics !! thanks for the pics Anouk !
  3. Lily in the magazine "L'officiel" April 2008
  4. gorgeous !! thanks for the scans !!
  5. Fun story At the finale of the Lanvin show..Lily had difficulty finding the exit ( so did all the other girls ) as the models get to the end of the runway, it is was all blacked out, and a black box, so from bright lights they turn around and walk towards a dark black box, then when they are in the black box, poor things can't see the wall, so they don't know where the exit on the right is, so a few of them walked straight into the wall. :shock: Lily afterwards...
  6. she's beautiful , thanks for the scans !
  7. She's so beautiful !!! see this , the gift for Lily !! http://www.lilydonaldson.com/forum/index.p...8.msg264#msg264
  8. Wow beautiful pics !!! thanks for the pics
  9. I love this cover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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