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  1. my painting of Thandie Newton as Sally Hemmings in 'Jefferson in Paris'
  2. very pretty...thanks for posting these
  3. she is very beautiful...and attractive in her own unique way.
  4. the last pic is just awesome
  5. Hitman: Contracts...completed a week back... Need For Speed : Carbon ( not exciting like most wanted, but thats all i got now)
  6. GTA -Vice City ... One of the most entertainment game ever made...the best in GTA series
  7. Calvin & Hobbes...one of greatest comic strip ever
  8. wow...wonderful pics...here is mine aswell http://www.flickr.com/photos/kamal_anjelo
  9. wow!wonderful pics of my darling...thanks Lullaby
  10. she looks lovely as always! nice collection...thank u blurdk
  11. Yes...especially the visuals,sound...everything is so well-tuned...my fav car is Gallardo.fantastic stuff
  12. Not yet...im in 5th in the black list...its getting a lot tougher as the game advances...how about you?
  13. eMule is great place fo fing good collection of mp3...especially if a have good faster internet connection
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