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  1. you are welcomeeeeeeeeee! i wait you on her thread!!

  2. which pictures? :)

  3. happy birthday darling!!!

  4. happy birthday!!! today it's a very important day! you are 18 finally!

  5. you are not on msn anymore!!

  6. amore! what does it mean AMAZING?? uhuhuhuh let me check on some magazines if i have them.. but the cover of agyness i don't have it.. i have to search on the net..

  7. yeah she looked so nice and amazing in that pink body.. :)

    i hope that she'll be there this year.. which day is the show? i can't remember..

  8. you are back??????????

  9. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. wow your image on the personal page is amaaaazing! put it like avatar! it's just divine!

  11. yes i have we have to share them on msn :)

  12. another friend helped me with that thing, so you can delete my pm... i don't need you anymore

  13. i've noticed that chiara is in your list of favorite models!!wowwwwwwwww

  14. michiiiiiiii my love! i read on jorge's page that thanks to me you like isabeli more and more! so i'm very proud of myself! :)

  15. my birthday? on september! well, i'd like to have my "truth" in the bottom back, a little above the line of the bikini slip..on the right

  16. this summer i got a tongue piercing and this tattoo for my birthday..i already had a little piercing in nose.. i really want another tattoo with written "truth is never vain, it turns strangers into lovers and enemies to brothers"(from a song),but it's a little long eheheh

  17. yeah it's mine! and i'm going to have another for real

  18. thanks for passing in my personal page!

  19. ciao miki how are you?

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