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  1. no piercing and nothing new by my side.. can you nominate for me Isabeli for Passionata lingerie? now i have to go out :(

  2. ehi darling! how are you?

  3. omg what a wonderful set of isabeli!!!

  4. we can see as your avatar a blonde girl

  5. now there is a blonde girl!!! where is chiara?


  6. noooooooooo you changed your chiara avatar! i am so sad ...

  7. you have a pm by me too :flower:

  8. hi darling! thank you very much you are lovely. how is everything?

  9. <333333333 million hearts for you

  10. it's a pleasure to me when i see you here..

  11. hi miss!!!! i miss you so much

  12. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hi my friend how are you??

  14. i am a little busy with homework :(

  15. hi sara how are you?

  16. hi love how are you?

  17. i have a lot to study :(

  18. i have a lot to study :(

  19. i post here and there now. but i still prefer bz :)

  20. isabeli is not supposed to be in ny to shot.. the news is reported.. so it's sure!!!!! i hope it's sure for anna too!

  21. happy birthday here too!!

  22. what??? really? the new one by meisel?? that would be great! they were in that other one together (with also trentini and mcneil) but they weren't so close. if this ed is going to be only with them 2 it's really exciting! i'm hoping it is something like isabeli+lara on vogue italy.. the brunette, the blonde.. a sexy ed!

  23. oh i see.. aren't you on this forum anymore?

  24. your set with isabeli is amazing!

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