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  1. Aha yes I'm her LOL. Sure, just PM me the pics you want and I'll be happy to make one. Sorry to reply back so late. I've been busy lately LOL

  2. sometimes she's really busy, so you can just try the signature and avatar request thread...you should now where its at, i saw you posted there. ;) you Julia makes great sets and she can get it to you soon. :D

  3. Great! I can't wait. I asked her, but I don't think she's on at the moment. I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but is she on regularly? You know cuz I don't want to wait for a month or something hehe

  4. yeah. she's a real pro! ;)

  5. I think your Cypress yes? Well fery told me that you and some others are good at making sets. Could you please make a set for me. Thanks. btw I'm new. hehe

  6. Thanks! I don't neither of them, but I'm guessing Cypress is omg itz. cypress. ? Thats what you have on your friends list lol. Hopefully she's good.

  7. there is a thread in the general discussion area. you can request sets there there is a lot, thaigo, julia, cypress, yvette, just ask someone will be happy to do one for you! :D

  8. Aha I was wondering do you know anyone who makes fantastic sets? :)

  9. I saw it said you were 19, so Happy birthday.

  10. thanks for this. She looks cute without the make-up.
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