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  1. okay i guess what i wanna know is.. how come in one picture she looks perfectly sun drenched (like the group ones with izabel and alessandra with whatssexy on their black tops) and on the other one just normal or sometimes even on the pale side... i know its all make up, lighting, setting and stuff but so im wondering what is her natural colour like when shes not overdosed with make up...and those what is sexy picture were already taken with flash and since we all know flash makes you lighter than you are, she mustve been real tanned that day... how does she do it!! give me her self tanning secrets!

  2. Have you guys seen this movie? I've seen it yesterday and I loved it soo much, maybe cause the sexiest man alive was playing the lead but really.. it's soooooooo cute, you should check it out.


  3. god he is so sexy could anyone please help me finding pictures of him hes so sexy hes also keira knightleys boyfriend and i think hes doing the new ad campaign for dior fragrance p[our homme though im not sure anyway this is all i could find :(:(




    Please do not hotlink images --OriginalSin

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