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  1. Making off the photoshoot by photographer Faya and one photo ( there will be more , soon)
  2. 2 more by Virgínia Nuñez. Click on to enlarge.
  3. Raica is the face of the new SWAROVSKI campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the first brazilian model ever to appear in a Swarovski ad. Making off pics
  4. I agree, the photos look great.
  5. Photography by David Joseph Perez. Click on pic to see large.
  6. Cori Fashion Show 2010 source: getty images
  7. Pics of the fashion tour from M. Mazzafera
  8. New pics at Dream Fashion Tour
  9. heh, from reading the interview I really think that Raica is happy with the fact that she in't as famous as Gisele or Heidi. Because she has a great career and she still manages to keep her feet on the ground. It's not like she's running around to get herself in some scandal like Kate Moss, but she still gets a lot of work without being in the press constantly.
  10. Your welcome! btw Did you know that Raica is a vegetarian since she was 19?!! I didn't know that but there is an interview with her in Zero magazine, and she says so. Here is the link , there are 4 pages: http://revistazero.com.br/beleza-alimentac...ra-162258-1.asp
  11. Maxim magazine making off, also new
  12. Zero magazine february 2010 cover and editorial and one making off pic. Awesome pics
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