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  1. I just hope it doesn't take as long as Adriana's for them to make it
  2. Did you see this: Raica I'm so exited!
  3. Where do u get the big pics from, I saw some of them on Yahoo but they are much smaller?
  4. I don't know if these have been posted yet
  5. Thanks sos much for the pics, I'll try to find those in bigger size, here are some younger pics I found...
  6. She is still 22, she 'll be 23 in January
  7. She is still 22, she 'll be 23 in January
  8. There are some new pics on the Punto Blanco official site!
  9. Thanks sweet-lady the pics are uber cute especially the french made ones, lol
  10. Oh, I can't see the video, could someone please post it on Rapidshare if u can?
  11. This one hasen't been posted yet
  12. dionyx thanks for the pics and here are some more form Freemans sorry for the pics being small
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