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  1. Does anybody knows the name of this model?
  2. Thats' a bit a surprise to me I know Ana Paula I thought her skin was a bit darker, than here on this pic The sunlight on her skin fooled me You're been a real help to me Bertrand thanks for all the positive ID's
  3. 100% right "aubade"-lingerie model did some quick research and found out she's from Uzbekistan (06/06/85) Thanks once again Bertrand
  4. I was looking for a russian model because of the russian language on the pic But you're right, it is Brazilian Amanda Salvato Good job Bertrand
  5. Didn't know her I wrongly thought that "Goda" was a commercial name (company/line) Seems now it is the name of the model Thanks Bernard
  6. The first of my batch unknowns is identified Indeed this is Marga van leen (checked on supermodel.nl, found same pics as in this topic) Thanks Mirkan Great job
  7. That's all boys and girls I would be very pleased if you could ID some of these 30 beauties
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