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  1. I'm hoping they're saving Grace for Toronto hah
  2. Elsa has been working on an animation project with Jessica Stam, Chanel Iman and Nadine Leopold!https://www.instagram.com/p/BwR-j74Bzay/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=mle0f194l5kg
  3. Blanca Padilla, Duckie, Zhenya Katava and Immam are the ones I want to see more of with VS! Especially Blanca 😍
  4. So curious how much Grace's contract was for. Agree with everyone else though about hoping her hf career doesn't slow down. Then again she worked for VS so much already while maintaining her hf career so maybe it won't have as big of an effect as we think.
  5. Seriously! The negativity is crazy. Give them some time to shine as angels before judging
  6. The announcement everyone has been waiting for!
  7. I feel like Jo is going to be even more forgotten than Lo would be now that Babs is an angel
  8. It's definitely coming. Watch she'll be announced Thursday
  9. Anyone see that Lorena did an interview with Fox news? Maybe an angel announcement?!
  10. Seriously! Asia is such a huge market. I'd argue they'd get the same or more publicity from hiring an Asian angel than they did from Barbara.
  11. It's only 1030am in NYC where the VS headquarters are. Still lots of time left in the day for them to announce
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