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  1. Looking gorgeous as always. She is a doll. Has a great body too, long torso for her height, tiny waist and a great pair of legs, I like how she wears a tank top in Nikita.
  2. tamxxx

    Tammin Sursok

    She plays Jenna in Pretty Little Liars.
  3. Lovely pics, I can't wait to see her in action on Nikita
  4. tamxxx

    Isabel Lucas

    She looks so beautiful in her latest candids, such a pretty, delicate face and body. I am glad she is getting her style back.
  5. She's pretty but her sister Kay is absoluetly beautiful!
  6. Such's such a cute girl and has a soft teddy bear look to her lol. I love her big blue eyes, lips, nose, faceshape. Just adorable!
  7. I love the last set of pics. She looks great in that cream dress. I don't like her with super straight hair but she's just adorable with curly hair. Anyway either she always looks gorgeous. Thanks for posting!
  8. She is beautiful and a doll too. I like her look very much.
  9. Thanks for the last couple of pics, she looks so pretty I love her eyes, hair, face shape she is just lovely. Here are some kick Ass Preimere photos, love the purple dress she looks really elegant! http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/photo-galle...ss-premiere-16/
  10. tamxxx

    Isabel Lucas

    Thanks for the last couple of pics, she has such a classically beautiful face in the Pacific movie.
  11. She was great in Kick- Ass. Two new photoshoots of her in Maxim magazine
  12. She is so skinny but cute girl
  13. tamxxx

    Isabel Lucas

    Thanks for those photos she looks sultry and beautiful. Some new pics of Izzie from a Glamour magazine shoot i love her har and she looks stunningly gorgeous with this new look!
  14. tamxxx

    Isabel Lucas

    Oh those are my fav pics of Isabel as well, she looks so adorable and pretty with that hat Here is another pic of her in german GQ magazine
  15. tamxxx

    Isabel Lucas

    Thanks for the photos of Isabel i love her as a brunette that is apprently her natural hair colour, i think she is absolutetly beautiful!
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