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  1. :rofl: I always want Chanel! Karl she is way better than Heidi Mount!

    I think she has a chance of repeating Oscar, maybe with Jourdan Dunn though. She is also perhaps back in the race for Italian campaigns after doing Milan fashion week for the first time in a year and someone give her a french campaign for me :laugh: in the credit crunch surely raquel is cheaper than madonna or supermodels.. maybe sorrenti will give her a campaign as well.

    and i'd forgotten about her US Vogue cover, i hope she gets the front not the foldout this time anna!

  2. Camilla is heereeeeeee i miss you guys! i was busy turning 20 and writing essays. i like that printemps campaign :wub: shes wearing balmain!

    and can i please remind everyone that raquel got SHISEIDO = cosmetics! :clap:

    some 2009 raquel wishes.

    i wish that raquel works with meisel

    i wish that raquel gets lots of vogue covers (VOGUE PARIS CARINE! :rofl:)

    i wish that raquel walks some shows for ss 2009

    i wish that raquel gets a campaign with inez and vinoodh

    i wish that raquel has a new ed.

    i wish that raquel uses her blatant fierceness and kicks all these rubbish models like anna s, karlie, toni! etc out of the campaign limelight.

    any good? :laugh:

  3. I think this is one of raquels best campaigns for ages :heart:


    Season after season, booking after booking Raquel Zimmermann maintains her unstoppable momentum. The Brazilian modeling doyenne pairs up with Juergen Teller for one of the freshest Marc Jacobs’ campaigns in ages - bold prints, green grass and blue skies combine for one unforgettable visual. As per usual Raquel is in her element, looking as cool and carefree as any true Jacobs girl.
  4. ^ :rofl:

    She has the SS09 Oscar de La renta campaign :clap:


    OSCAR’S RAW DEAL: Having shot his fall advertising campaign at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, Calif., Oscar de la Renta opted for the East Coast for his spring one. This time around, the end result is decidedly grittier. Earlier this month Craig McDean shot Raquel Zimmerman in a partially renovated warehouse in Yonkers, N.Y. De la Renta said, “I was really interested in the idea of contrasting the clothes with the environment. I thought that the raw, industrial elements of the location really provided a striking framework for the looks.” W’s Alex White styled the shoot, which was developed by Lloyd & Co. The spring campaign will debut in next month’s edition of Vogue.


  5. hahhaha noo noone even gets killed in this literature, the stupid knights cry and show their feelings in morte darthur :rofl: i am writing an essay on corruption in the church i can see why you went to sleep reading it thiago :rofl:

    i am excited for the marc jacobs campaign, i hope he brings her around with him like a handbag like he did with posh for a while. or puts her on a boat whichever of the two :laugh: oh and most of all that another big fashion house gives her a campaign to like balenciaga, miu miu, cavalli something..

    celine i will think about getting a sword though :rofl:

  6. yay i wish i had magical powers to do with essays on medieval literature :rofl:! yay im excited for the interview editorial and its not with jamie burke this time! :clap: noo thiago taylor fuchs is beautiful.i know it sucks no trentini or raquel at VS, though maryna and lara looked gorgeous some of the other girls were rubbish.

    heres her us vogue ed...

    The Gliteratti

    Ph. David Sims

    Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman

    Magazine: Vogue US December 2008

    Scanned by Luxx at TFS

    th_94856_glit1_122_548lo.jpgth_94858_glit2_122_976lo.jpgth_94860_glit3_122_587lo.jpg th_94862_glit4_122_134lo.jpg th_94870_glit5_122_681lo.jpg th_94871_glit6_122_190lo.jpg

    i love the last shot, im sure thiago is thinking right now i wish she was wearing tabitha :rofl:

  7. ^ Noo she has to do VS. Unless she is shooting something better, or going to be in a baz luhrmann film :rofl:. the fact she is not orange vs coloured concerns me though. although trentini was there to it seems to be an anna wintour event so that would explain why they were there. i'd be surprised if trentini did not do VS.

    thiago you are on summer break in 2 weeks? that is not fair it is freezing here! raquel and raguel? :rofl: noo raquel needs to do an ed with taylor fuchs :heart:

  8. i have some essays coming up, procrastination will be done. how are you guys?

    can i make some wishes guys. for old times sake :rofl:

    1. I wish raquel gets another big campaign for ss09 (maybe more than one)

    2. I wish raquel gets a big vogue cover.

    3. I wish raquel is in a few eds this month.

    4. For thiago and celine: I wish raquel is in the VS show.

    5. I wish raquel gets a contract.

    6. I wish we get an interview soon

    :rofl: (for those who dont know these are a joke we're not that greedy) any to add thiago?

    edit: thiago with your status thing saying previously known as thiagomello reminds me of the artist formally known as prince :rofl:

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