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  1. Did everyone who preordered got it? I preordered mine, and haven't received it yet. This is the email repose I got back: Hi Once we received the images from the photographer a digital zip file is created and added to the back end of the product. The preorders need to be fulfilled by me personally and manually, which is taking me some time. However if A person has place an order today since I added the attachment their order is sent out on an automation. Please be patient as I work through the orders in order so that the orders go out correctly.
  2. I should say its a pretty good series, much much better than bathtub series. BUT we need COLOR PICTURES now. "COLOR"
  3. did anyone get the series? whats the verdict? is it good?
  4. I paid $30 and others should pay it too. But disappointed with her ripping us off. Most of the shoots are couple years old, and she’s releasing them now. The pictures seem repetitive too.
  5. I just bought the pictures ones released today. Do not buy them ,not worth it. Most of the pictures are repetitive. She's just trying to pull off money without any work. I wish I could get a refund.
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