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  1. I can't even deal with this, now that i finally had the time to look at everything ... While there's a couple of nice outfits, a lot of them suck biiig time. And then there's the fact that i hate how every single year Dri & Ale get the shitty treatment, not because I am a fan of them but because i think that after 10+ years working for VS they deserve more from the brand

    & the fact that Karlie got three outfits and two wings makes me want to vomit. I'm so not watching this crap on Tv this year, this is pure BS

    I'm so agree with you!

  2. Bienvenida LadyKrësna86

    hahah thank you!!!

    Do you speak spanish?


    that is great!!! but you aren't spanish, are you?

    I want to know people with common interest from other countries for practice my english haha

    Nice to meet you finchesthalia!!! :p

    yes, I'm Spanish. Nice to meet you too. xoxo

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