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  1. Saw Hellboy and The Mummy yesterday.

    Hellboy : Was pretty good but seems like a mix up of Final Fantasy, Dragon Balls, Vampire Knight and some other anime stuffs... C+

    I would give it a better rate if they made Hellboy speak with Japanese accent though

    The Mummy : OH EM GEE !!! F-

  2. Oh I remember now! My teacher from economics told us, that in one class he wanted students to write on their short test something about the spot of market economy (don't know if I translated it well), and one of his student just wrote a dot and wrote "G" above this spot (because "economy" in Polish is "gospodarka", that's why he wrote "G"). And this teacher's comment? He marked this "G" spot and wrote near it "congratulations for finding it" :| :laugh:

    hope I translated it quite understandably.....

  3. Being an English tutor has its own advantage and could be amusing sometimes...

    Assignment:Create a story of your own in 2 or 3 paragraphs...

    From an ESL (English as Second Language) student:

    - Once up on a time, there was a handsome prince who was looking for his true love. One day, he met this beautiful girl in a forest.

    The prince asked :"Hi, how are you?"

    - "I'm fine, thank you. And you ?"

    - "I'm fine. Do you speak Chinese?"

    - "Shi"

    - "Ni hen baoleng"

    - "xie-xie"

    - "Ni juhdgajdgiuwgedajsdgahgedw "

    And it continued in Chinese...

  4. Saw The Happening yesterday and I desperately need 2 hours of my life back. Can't believe The Sixth Sense's director could have made such a shitty movie. No story, no good acting, no setting, no logic, not even a sex scene (and there goes my thought seeing Mark's butt, WHORE!). The only good part was when 2 misbehaved teenage idiots getting shot, but horror movies aren't supposed to make viewers feel better so i hate it anyway. Don't watch it!

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