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  1. OMQG, Irene. I'll admit it. I can no longer go with all these Qs anymore. DIEEE!!!!
  2. I can't let you slide this time, nothingless. You're supposed to wait for ABBF's comeback (or was it just your explanation?), stop taking advantage of this nice girl-vampire.
  3. {name}


    Oh my dang!!! Give me more of the last one. C'mon!!!
  4. Those are some cool pictures i've never seen up there. Gracias.
  5. Dude, i can't believe people actually read it. The moment i saw "fake myspa...." PASS!!!
  6. I'm not so sure what you really mean, ez_c ... but i'll go ahead and assume you were talking about how awesome i am.
  7. That's a lame comeback but since i'm such a nice girl.... will take it. Diiing!!! ABB fan: 1 Lima fan: 1
  8. I know your secret. You're actually a robot that was made to be exactly like Laffy by a mad scientist. Say what ?!! HAHA... coincidence my ass. Tell us, what do you want from her ?!!!
  9. I love pizza-my-heart. They have the best cheese ever!! (A.k.a shameless bump.)
  10. Yeah, that VSFS 2005 kicked ass.
  11. I made a visit to the poll above and was highly infected with its bullshit. I didn't even bother voting. It wouldn't piss me off this much if people just vote and shut up, but no. They love to piss me off more by being themselves. "Gisele did other stuffs while...", "Gisele is good but not the best for VS in my opinion and..." - Your opinion my ass. When it comes to VS, it's either Gisele, Tyra or Heidi we're thinking of. AND THAT IS IT!!! If you disagree with me, you know dick about Victoria's Secret then. I'm not going any further into this dipshit anymore but i suggest you people go there and post a " " in disgust. <_<
  12. OOooh, don't call anyone bitch, TBK. That's bad. I might be your fairy godmother no ?!! And it's "aroused".
  13. How dare you, Ed ?!! I'll make you suffer. *Clones Tooboku* Eddy, you evil bitch. I don't find it funny at all. I'm very sensitive when it comes to vampire, blue, explosion or pennis. DIEEEE!!!!! - Have enough ?!! And for anyone who isn't patient enough to read TBK's paragraphs, the word "bullshit" should sum them up. Ooooh, TBK, what now ?!!
  14. Because it's getting late, i can't sleep and have no one to insult...
  15. Go watch me kick TBK's ass. BAHAHHAAAA.... and how could you to change your avatar to some milky hags ?!!

  16. Like the meaningful thread where 2 girls were eating shit ?!! Um.. i'll think about it right after never.
  17. So you have nothing to prove your point now ?!! "Heather, Sarcasm is a weapon of the weak mind. It can be funny once in a while but too often and it becomes pathetic and disrespectful, " Who the hell care ?! It's not my fault you can't catch up.
  18. Ed - you didn't ask. TBK -"First I want to hear you justify why cheating on your wife merrits getting your balls blown off with a piece of lead." Did i say that anywhere ?!! If i did, i'd like to see you point that out. C'mon. "Equal, at least by my definition, does not translate into a woman having the right to shoot her husband in the nuts for cheating while a man does not have the right to beat his wife for the same offense" Since when women have the right to do that ?!! You think she wouldn't go to jail afterward ?!! If we have the right to do that i'd buy me a gun and shoot everyman's nuts everyday for entertainment. And why my applause ?!! Because even she doesn't have the right to shoot him in the nuts, she's still doing it regardless. That's awesome. Although i'd prefer it if she shoots him in the brain, but i'll still give her an A+ in this case. "Ohmigawd, You're mean, Heather. I don't find it funny at all. please don't joke on that part." - *yawns* and yeah, i kinda understand your sense of humor... *snores*. "Heather, I know I'm putting words in your mouth because..." - Haha, you wish. Bluestar - No actually, i'm teaching.
  19. #1: I don't care what scares you to death, how you feel or your inability to count from 1 to 7, but if i were you, i wish i were me. #2, 3, 3 again, 4, 5, 6 : What is your point ?!! And is it necessary to say that i didn't compare you with the cheating bastard ?!! - "Toobs doesn't flirt with every girl on this forum." My bad, flirting as many as you can is different. Wait...is it?!! "Toobs knows he's a manwhore and expects to called as such... he would enjoy it too". Guess what Toobs ?!! Who the hell cares ?!! And what are these doing with our argument again ?!!! #7 : Even i don't care, why should you ?!! So TBK, your previous post proves nothing. I suggest you should do it again and this time, make it make sense. I've never met such a dumbass in my sucking career but if there is, i guess i'll be a Dracula with Aids, which doubles the danger in me. Can Aids kill Dracula ?!! No.
  20. WOW You must be soo fucking sexy ! Are you kidding ?!! I'm the 2nd sexiest girl in this world ... i mean in the poll. NO ??!!!! DIE!!!
  21. {name}


    Is this the one you're talking about?!!
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