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  1. recent UHQ images from her MuseNYC page
  2. I believe these are from the same shoot; taken from her MuseModelsNYC page.
  3. The website is very resilient to attempts to grab HQ versions, I haven't had any luck though I'm also hardly an expert at such stuff. Girl in blue cap is Jaclyn Swedberg, if I'm reading you right.
  4. Just discovered her via Neave Bozorgi. Part of me was a bit disappointed that her thread here was less populated by her sexy shoots with photographers and more by candid paparazzi snaps and her Insta posts, but the rest of me was just thinking that she's a really beautiful, happy-looking young mama with some really adorable babies. Ultimately very wholesome content, even if it wasn't what I originally came here looking for. Thanks to everyone who posted.
  5. By @shanerad for @tjswim HQ: From Insta:
  6. Higher res, and some previously unposted ones as well. Nudity
  7. From what I saw, there were a couple of different shoots, 50+ images or thereabouts. A bunch of topless/fully nude shots, with a couple full frontals. Plus some videos.
  8. Wasn't even a question of purchasing it—for example when I checked out the website a few days ago I was able to find all the videos and photos without any payment at all. The problem (they've fixed it now) was that the backend file directory (wp-content) was wide open and could be browsed by anyone who knows how to access an unsecured backend (pretty simple), and three or four of the folders in the 2020 folder had a whole pile of videos and photos. There were only three full videos of Polina, though: the shower one with Jay where they're kissing and groping each other, another video/photoshoot of her naked in a house in some dark tropical setting, and the BTS for that second shoot. All the videos and photos are great though. There were pics and videos of two other girls as well, but they pale in comparison with Polina, and I wasn't really interested. (And no, don't ask me to post the files: I won't, mainly because I don't want to make trouble for myself or Bellazon by sharing them, and I'm also far too lazy to bother uploading them anyway. From the looks of it, though, the mag will be a worthwhile purchase for Polina fans, depending on how much they're charging for the thing. Based on what I've seen, I might sign up myself if Polina keeps this up.)
  9. Some other pics from her Renew Artists portfolio that weren't posted...that first photo, on the right in the white see-through dress, is just incredible. 😍 Looks like it's by Tuan Pham.
  10. Just discovered Ella a few days ago, and I'm just blown away. I am surprised that no one has posted her wonderful photoshoot with Tracy Tassill. Too bad that many people (on her subreddit for example) seem to only know her shots for BoutineLA, although I have to admit she looks phenomenal in those. http://www.tracytassill.com/ellakernkamp http://www.tracytassill.com/instant
  11. Here's what I managed to find so far via the usual workarounds:
  12. I subbed out of curiosity at the start of July, and to be frank, so far posting is infrequent and content is pretty sparse. Wouldn't recommend it at $15/mo.
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