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  1. A little bit too much dieting, her bust keeps getting smaller
  2. Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. Anorexic and plastic looking.
  3. US Maxim November 2011 Jessica Gomes is pretty popular just askmen She shouldn't have lost so much weight... on her chest. She was really the only cover competition Kate had but she didn't come close. Yeah that was her strength being quite curvy while at the same time she is very fit and toned, now she looks more like the other models. I get the feeling she might have shed the pounds to try to win the cover. I hope she gets the cover next year, will be good to see a beautiful asian/portuguese model who has a realistic curvy body. She could have a strong following if she gets the cover, think LINsanity but with a model like Jessica Gomes.
  4. looks like she's caving in to those who think she needs to lose weight She was fine the way she was.
  5. Worst SI photos of Jessica Gomes. She caved in and lost weight to please the fashionheads in SI The photoshopping and airbrushing on all the models is terrible.
  6. More Proof most men like women like her over the dime a dozen fashion model size-0 types.
  7. i think we're underestimating the average male. every thing in american popular culture has been dumbed down so as to be understandable by the lowest common denominator. but people are much much more clever and sophisticated in their tastes than we give them credit for. i sincerely believe that! when it comes to women - man have always fancied breasts and hips and more recently booty. something fleshy to grab onto. cause it makes us think about sex. but that's it! when it comes to face? as long as she's got pretty eyes and a sexy mouth and some charisma that's all that matters. Angelina Jolie is probably the most universally accepted sex symbol since Marilyn Monroe (and, yes, i just made that statement). there's nothing conventional about her appearance. men loooooved Sigourney Weaver when the Alien movies first came out. she was a massive sex symbol. and certainly nowhere near conventional. look at Bridget Bardot - one of the most iconic of all beauties. how many times has Lara Stone been styled to bear an uncanny resemblance? countless. and Daria's beauty has a commercial appeal with men. why? because she has a great body. and pretty eyes. and sexy hair. and she can pose in a way that makes men think of sex. that's all that's required, imo. i'm not trying to argue against you. because - obviously - a girl has to be 'pretty' and 'hot' to be in the SI issue. that's why i'm saying - you know - don't include some random odd looking fashion darling. but if Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone did the SI issue, and they were in a gorgeous segment, shot by an artistic fashion photographer. flaunting their long, lithe bodies in tiny bikinis, it would garner a LOT more attention and credibility than anything Julie Henderson, Jessica Gomes or any of the rest of those girls could muster. SI: TIME FOR A CHANGE. I havent even heard of who Lara Stone or Daria Werbowy is but I think that I think Jessica Gomes is one of the hottest women in SI. If it werent for her or Kate Upton I could care less about the magazine, most of the women in there have the same body type thus too plain for me.
  8. the first one im like Totally sure its not Nina , and the second one the skin is kinda too dark for be Jessica Gomes but ur right about that maybe are more Rookies to come... wierd though maybe just one or two cause too much Rookies I think it might be Chrissy Teigen. Too skinny to be Jessica Gomes.
  9. Jessica Gomes - one of the greatest bodys ever. Not enough models with her body type. She's very cute too, she has a unique smile. Seen plenty of asian models better looking than Jarah. Not very excited about her.
  10. you say that like it's a bad thing...? Yeah seriously lol. I'll take a blonde jessica gomes anyday over those super toned models that are like a dime a dozen.. She wasnt anywhere near thick. I actually thought Kate Upton look better when she wasnt "Toned".
  11. It would be a shame if she lose weight. Her curvaceous body is insanely hot. Exactly. Her popularity on the web would go downhill fast if she loses weight. Right now she seems to be very popular.
  12. As amazing as she is in the bikini I think her face looks really beautiful in these photos. Without all the photoshopping like in the SI pics, she looks so much better. She really does have great eyebrows, the smile is excellente, her face and head shape is good and stands out from the rest of the models.
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