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  1. wow is that new!? i cant find it in the vs website? where did u get it?
  2. omg! i knew it! i knew that she was miserable. i mean you can tell that she wasnt happy about it, she was a gurl who likes to go out and party, have fun. i feel bad for her now. i hope she still considers modeling still. maybe it was just the hormones. but i still support her and wish her best and good luck. i knw that ale can do this, she is a strong women, and has friends/family who will support her and be there for her.
  3. AleAmbFan


    i was wondering if there is a way to re-upload the vs video of ode to the sun or the original lets get wet with ale. gisele, and marissa. but without the watermarks. please and thank you soo much. and
  4. well last time i checked, she weighted 113 pounds. idk maybe should lost some pounds maybe she gained some from her preggers?? who knws. but i'd say yeah that she weighs from 110 - up
  5. lol :shock: ok ok ok...so she is preggers. forgive me. i do wear glasses u knw
  6. i was wondering if her fourm is back on? becuz i was only able to sign in and nothing happen?
  7. O man! I opened the email! is that bad!? im scared now if i get hacked!! :shock: i didnt even bother to see if it was spam...and i new what it was going to say...damit me!! lol
  8. me too... but where u guys getting these pics. what do u think Alejandra? do u still think she is? now for some reason im starting to loose hope...
  9. awww...man but that sux that it forbid ale to go on to her forum. i hope the forum will go back up soon. and start a new and fresh forum thanks sooo much Lullaby!!
  10. is all i can say. so does that mean that everything that us have posted, replyed or post from news to everything is gone? thats baloni. now im going to cry. and yeah does alessandra knw about this?
  11. I was wondering what happened! i went on today at skool and once i was there BAM! is said that it was hacked. and i was like WAT! awww....man. this sux monkey balls. i just cant believe that this megan person would do such a thing <_< im going to bust a cap on this person people care just freaks u knw. trying to look and c into alessandras personal life. well...hopefulll it will come back soon. and lets hope that ale doesnt get upset and doesnt want to put up her forum no more im going to miss chatting with my friends now
  12. OMG! wow well...she has always had fat from her lower belly. but...now that i see that i dont knw..maybe she is..unless she is eating all that chocolate lol btw where did u get this? is there more
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