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  1. 7:30pm is Salina´s Show!! Wooooohooooo!! :-) I´m soooo excited!! Finally new Iza stuff... pics, videos and interviews WOhoooo! Thanks Amanda!!! I´m sooooooo happy for you that you´re in Rio next week!! YES!!!
  2. Yes I think it´s the Video Diary, it was in the Bahamas for a VS shooting I think! Then you have the right one! Wohoooo I only have parts. I have the VS shoot, but not the diary for it. sorry OH ok!! But thanks anyway :)
  3. Yes I think it´s the Video Diary, it was in the Bahamas for a VS shooting I think! Then you have the right one! Wohoooo
  4. It´s video where she´s brushing her teeth... The title of the video is something with new girl on the beach or on the sea... or kind like that.
  5. Sorry guys, I´m looking for this video... I can´t find it anymore on youtube and the download link I can´t find here eather Maybe you guys could help me!
  6. Alessandra Ambrosio At Il Pastio (May 26th) http://x17video.com/celebrity_video/alessa..._at_il_past.php PC or someone else, could you capture it please
  7. JoeK, I love the video! Great video mix, great music and you used my R&R video lol and Julia is in it lol Perfect!! Great job!
  8. I went to an internet bar and watch it!! I love it!!! She's amazing!!! Thanks again!!! Soooo much, really
  9. Thanks alot!! but could you post the video like that we can see the youtube window directly? Because my iPod get no suppprt to open/watch the video SORRY There is no video
  10. Joe you're aesome, the interview is amazing! And pics are beautiful too! But the video I can't see (the hardware of my laptop is broken, I don't know when I get it back again) I wish I could see it!! Don't someone could upload it on youtube maybe? PLEASE!!!!! Thanks alot Joe again!!!
  11. I thought it´s her single commercial... but she looks beautiful :heart:
  12. I know... I just wanted to show the cover lol
  13. Soooo... I don´t have a scanner But I took pics of Iza in the catalogue. In the last H&M catalogue she was maybe four times in it and now 23 times... and the first two sides are Iza... she got a douple page!! Which is awesome! The women part is about 43 pages and 23 times Iza Wohoooo
  14. I just got my new H&M catalogue!! Izabel everywhere Wohoooo :heart:
  15. Do you wanna have this little catalogue too?
  16. Lascana small magazine catalogue credits to lovevsmodels.com
  17. I noticed the H&M pics today on the H&M website!! So great!!
  18. No Miami diabets pics yet? I hope there are pics Thanks Julia for the pics and Roxana thanks too, new for me
  19. credits to lovevsmodels.com
  20. I´m wondering since years why Iza doesn´t have an official fansite!!! Can´t understand it... she´s famous and has sooooo many fans! I really miss a fansite of her!!!! Don´t we can write to her Managment and ask for it or something like that?
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