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  1. Was this supposed to be wings or just jewelery? For me is it very special and little wings lol
  2. I´m sorry for that buy hey... you saw her and she was sorry so not that bad day for you Can´t wait to see the pics!! Wohooo thx in advance
  3. Could someone capture this Ãgua de Coco video? Please Would be great http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Entre...+THOMAZ,00.html
  4. I saw it already!!! Thanks alot for asking! Her sister is really cute also I didn´t understand her hahaha Thanks Thiago for the video!
  6. Backstage at Lenny 2006, Rio Fashion Week
  7. Cia Maritima 2010 http://www.spfw.com.br/mediacenter.php?id=VA 1.) she opened the show 2.) 4:46 3.) 8:05
  8. Can´t wait to see more Thanks alot!
  9. Lenny Izabel: 1:00 + 9:16 She closed the Show http://gnt.globo.com/fashionrio/videos.asp...idia=0/pagina=1
  10. I didn´t see her in the Lenny show...
  11. Sorry for being stupid, but what's the shoulder thing? Exactly that what she is doing in the pic before you When she´s looking over her shoulder... we all love that haha
  12. Calm down Man please!! Your vid is posted since some hours and you´re doing stress. It´s great that you upload the video but this no reason to say such things here now.
  13. Thanks for the HQ pics! Love them... she looks amazing!!
  14. Full Salinas Show http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Entre...SALINAS,00.html
  15. Salinas http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Entre...COLECAO,00.html
  16. I think she opend the show 1.) Iza 2.) Isabeli desfile salinas fashion rio verão 2010
  17. Wohooooo!! THANKS JOEKNIGHT!!!! Love you for that already lol
  18. Fashiongirl


    Why do yot think that? Did you read something about it? And if yes... which show? I don´t think she would do a show for a not that famous designer or? Because I think Salinas and Lenny are there the most famous designer or? But, yes would be more than amazing if she would be there :)
  19. Thanks Roxana... now I´m looking forward much more Wohoooo
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