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  1. Sorce Glamurama As tops Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros e Izabel Goulart estão entre o time de modelos que será produzido pelos experts internacionais trazidos pela Seda para o Oi Fashion Rocks. Os responsáveis pelo visual das modelos que participarão do evento são a japonesa Yuko Yamashita e o inglês Thomas Taw, que já desembarcaram no Brasil. Nesta quinta-feira será a vez da libanesa Ouidad e da norte-americana Rita Hazan.
  2. Yeah!!! I hope they will have posters and all different stuff in Germany too!!
  3. Sorry guys... I´m kind like confused... Is on 15th October any event or thing where Izabel is there too? I don´t know why, but I have something in my head that Izabel is doing something on 15th October... Maybe someone can help me Whould be great!!
  4. Izabel was in Miami yesterday Wohooo
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRiDmctJ0Jk
  6. Can someone capture it PLEASE!!! I´m not avaible to watch in my region *CRY*
  7. Oi Fashion Rocks is 23th or 24th October (Biggest Birthday Party for Iza lol) in Jockey Clube (Rio) Wohooo!!
  8. Thanks Amanda!!!!! Can´t wait... finally Izabel again... I missed her heavily and finally we see her again, because she was really lost since July lol Thanks!!
  9. When is the Fashion Week? Next week already?
  10. Beautiful pic!!! Thanks alot!!
  11. Can someone say what they talk about? The questions and the answers of Ale?
  12. A big THANK YOU to Trancehappy (AAOF) The first video is the background video of the website (click the picture to get the link). It's actually pretty cool. The first few seconds are just a static picture. Download Link - Background Video Download Link - Making Off Video
  13. Thanks Thiago!! You rock ^^ btw... could someone capture the video... I just was able to see it once... it is all the time Carregando... but after 10 min it´s not loaded at all... So I have no idea ... so it would be great if someone capture it
  14. Amanda you´re awesome!! Wohooo! Love the scanns and soooo big! AAAAHHHHH! :heart:
  15. Not the best translation but it helps Based in New York four years ago, the San Carlos of Sao Paulo in Brazil has often to review the family, her boyfriend, the entrepreneur Marcelo Costa (23), who is three years, and do some work, such as defiles in San Paulo Fashion Week. "Here is where the energy return. I did too crazy to spend only one day in my house at night and return to the United States. As it is fast, recharge the battery for the next day," she says. The hardest of the profession is to stay away from home? The loneliness is too bad. There´s times, I am in a country, far from everything, and the only people around me are the team, which also misses the family. Where I can go back to Brazil, my safe harbor. Marcelo and I made a pact not to spend more than 10 days without seeing. And the relationship survives the lack of routine and distance? - Sure! Marcelo is very busy too, has a carrier. ‰ as I like to be involved in day-to-day business. Our courtship was planned by God. We are one. ‰ very difficult to find someone like him, loving, romantic, makes me feel very loved. And it is reciprocal. Moreover, he knows who I am, I think for my image. If you ask for something short, I do not censorship, is not offering ringtones. Marcelo is the person that is more transparent, I never saw the top, I never spent the impression of wanting to be snobbish that dates a model. Some people like to bear in a mistake with the image sold by the tops of a being untouchable, perfect. We tried a lot, but that does not bother me. Who really knows me, knows who I really am. What most annoys the life of a model? - There are two types of training: one that leads to career in search of glamor, or be in places with exciting people known, and one that brings the profession seriously. This is my breadwinner. I am going to places of fashion as St. Barths, London and Paris to meet only agenda. I am not snobbish, it does my head. Prefer to be in a quiet place with my boyfriend or decorating my house, one of my hobbies. I love buying objects and even drew my mobile. Shot a career inspiration. What like to do when it comes to Brazil? - I enjoy being a girl like any other. I love playing with my clothes, call her friends, maquis them do nail. Women must be women. And here is different parade? - Sure. The emotion is larger, review friends, is that cold in the belly. The pressure is also higher, but always on the positive side. The Brazilian public is more curious about us. In addition to fashion, his name is connected to a work of health ... - I was invited earlier this year to be the ambassador of Miami Diabetes Research Institute, one of the largest centers for research on the subject. My brother William, age 10, was diagnosed diabetic in childhood. I want to help raise funds for hospitals to provide free insulin for children suffering from the disease. Make people want to attract attention to the institute and also warn that diabetes kills if not well cared for. How is Izabel sister? - I have six brothers and I am a child. I'm protective, motherly. My mother always worked and took care of them. Perhaps because of this desire has not yet of being a mother. I conceive, of course, but the biological clock has not touched. And the desire to marry? - Not. I asked what would my designer wedding dress and could not respond. I never imagined the festa.Me in NY and Marcelo here. We are new, dedicated to work. You have made a success of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Why has the function? - Requiring exclusivity and I wanted to do other work, put into practice what I learned as Angel. Even for the fashion parade, but I can devote to other campaigns and brands. Currently, much work for H & M and I renew with Armani.
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