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  1. Translation: Alessandra Ambrosio The true Bond girl Mainly she is a model, but she had been acting in some movies. In the newest Bond movie "Casino-Royale" Alessandra Ambrosio appears as a tennis girl in front of the "Ocean Club". And she has also been looking great in the US-Series "Entourage". 2008 will be her year! I should have marked that text as a spoiler../sigh. You're my hero!!!! thank you very much.... i love it
  2. Does Ale only have on one shoe in this pic? hahaha I think so!!
  3. Are you sure that this girl is Ale? She looks like Valentina Zeliaeva, but not Ale
  4. Wow that´s amazing, I´m so happy for her!! She looks awsome on those pics..... Hope more pics will come
  5. Why you hate him?? Sry for asking... but I don´t know him
  6. Why ...."marcelo was there URGH) ??? Is he her ex boyfriend or they´re still together?
  7. http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1332210477 look at this!!! I thought her boyfriends was a nice guy, but now this <_< <_<
  8. His name is... Barra :laugh:
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