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  1. They said... Ale is the last one... and her fitting was yesterday! So I´m pretty sure Iza had her fitting already!
  2. not yet :( :( we got last year no fitting pics of her... and it seems this year again no pics :( But pics of KK we don´t have too... maybe they come today, I hope sooooo much!!!
  3. Fashiongirl


    YES I KNOW!!!!! Do you think we will see the video tomorrow already or on Saturday?
  4. WOW!!! Amazing!! Love the video and the whole campaigne!!! THANKS ALOT!! Joe!!!
  5. I know sleeping beauty but the other one I don't know, could you post the pics pleeeeease
  6. Does someone has any Halloween pictures of Izabel besides the 2005 pics with Ale... maybe Halloween 2006/2007 ?? Would be great! Thankssssss
  7. Somewhere in the internet are much more pics from this trip in park!! We have to find them!!! She´s beautiful!! WOW!! And they´re sooo happy!
  8. so unfair, Julia, Miranda and Selita are sexier ? YEAH RIGHT I thought the same... Miranda and Selita should be behind Izabel!!
  9. OMG!!! How amazing and cool is that!!! Thousand thanks to you!!! I could kiss you!!! Wohoooo I hope a making off video is coming soon
  10. I was shocked as I saw the commercial and NO IZA!! I hope this is no bad thing!!
  11. HERE in Germany it´s 2 am ... and that mean... it´s 23th October.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZA
  12. What is the name of this song? i love that song! its by "Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs"; heres the full song you can see it under here_ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYJjHCZN46U Thanks alot!!
  13. OMG!!!! Thank yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuu sooo much!!
  14. Bahian at AAOF asked us if someone has the video... and I posted the same here for hope that you lol or other people have this video!! But I will ask him where he found this avi
  15. Can someone post this video? I'd be forever thankful.
  16. Thanks alot!! That´s very sexy... Iza is also sexy in small screen hahha
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