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  1. I think a previour Birthday Party in Brazil I think she got a puppy so cute resource: Twitter
  2. Yes she is... it´s from Mattheus Blog
  3. Is this an older photo? At a VS story opening a few years ago? Yes it was Secret Embrace launch in New York (28 February, 2007) Here you have some more... I loved that day Ale and Izabel together... those were times hahahaha http://www.alessandracentral.com/vsgallery...aceFeb2007.html
  4. TV CIRCOLARE - Making off of the shooting Plié
  5. Hahahah OMG! I looove it, this is soooo cute
  6. A cool video + article about Iza and Mattheus shopping http://ego.globo.com/Gente/Noticias/0,,MUL...PERMERCADO.html
  7. two amazing pics of her... olala
  8. Are you sure it's not a fake It´s 100% NO FAKE!!! =)
  9. Hey Guys Does someone know if Iza will walk in Paris... Ale´ll walk... so maybe Iza too? And you guys know what kind of "movie" she was filming in Stockholm? mmmhh very interesting ^^ I just love that she has Twitter FINALLY!!
  10. The Video =) http://www.caras.com.br/tv.htm?v=8kazajiz36d2
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