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Umm...No we do not have that stupid flag flying around here. Unless, like I said, you go to those scary places near the border where the cows outnumber the people. Then, chances are you'll see the flag.

Florida did secede from the union, but then again I imagine it's would have been very hard for it not to when it was surrounded by confederate states. However, you cannot, in your right mind, if you've ever set foot on floridian soil, call this part of the south.

Absolutely not.

You definitely get a :trout: for that comment.

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Had to go to jury duty today in the 323. BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRED OUT OF MY MIND!!! :sleep: Anyway, when I finally got into the jury box, they asked me if I could be impartial. I told them that I have to skepical when it comes to the police. I mean, can you blame me?! :ermm: I'm already seen as triple threat.

1. I'm young

2. I'm Black

3. I'm Male

And TRUST ME, I know first hand how the L.A.P.D. works. I have been arrested a few times, yet to this day, I have no criminal record. However, if you're black or brown, L.A.P.D. will try to clown you. Even my Asian friends had some experiences with the L.A.P.D. They were all over them when the Asian gangs started droppin' bodies. I'm sure most of y'all know about the 13 year old black kid that shot and killed by L.A. finest. :( And let's not forget about the RAMPART SCANDAL!!! That is the one thing that I hate about L.A. The police be racial profiling all the time. On the side of their car it says "To protect and to serve". I'm not so sure about the protection part, but us colored folks SURE DO GET SERVED!! :angry:

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I just want to say, I LOOOOOVE your avatar.  Do you have the full picture?  Laetitia   :wub:  :heart:

Thanks. I love :heart: Laetitia too. I have to say, your signature is GRRREAT!!! Sorry to tell ya, but I don't have the full picture. However, maybe the administrators can help you out. I got the avatar from this site when I went in to update my profile.

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Go Phoenix  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh: 

fuckin boring here as hell....i want to be back in L.a.

Hold off on that . . . at least for a week or two. The rain is coming down in L.A. REALLY HARD, i might add. Houses are flooding or condemed, hillsides are sliding, roads are closing, sandbags are filling, its just a mess right now. :x The 818 has been hit the hardest so far, and Ventura and the San Gabriel Valley are next. Not only that, another storm is coming in early next week. :dontgetit: Something tells me this is not what my parents and grandparents have hoped for when they came here. :no:

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