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Technical Problems/Questions Involving Avatars & Signatures

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Photoshop is overrated. I use GIMP, it's free and easy to use..

It's also compatible with photoshop brushes. So you're getting the same effect without having to pay, or use a free trial. :flower:

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lol exactly, but if you don't want to go through the trouble of figuring it all out, then grab yourself a copy of gimp. Photoshop isn't overrated in my opinion, its a great piece of software to have in your toolbox. Most photo editing software's today derived from photoshop. There is tons of support for it, and its constantly being perfected, like they say "You get what you paid for" Or like I say, "You get what you pirated" lol.

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Right, I see here that a lot of people have got really cool animated avatars. Snapshots of movies/videos/animations that they have cut down and made into .gif images for use on forums.

So...after much frustrated searching on the internet and to no avail, I call on your aid. I don't want to ask someone to do it for me, 'cause that's just lazy, but if anyone can either :-

1) Point me to somewhere where I can download software to do it myself (preferably free) and do it.

2) Show me some kind of internet site for doing so, along with any links that could help.

Just fed up of seeing my static avatar when I have so many good ideas for animated ones, so...any help my arty friends would be much welcomed.

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